Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week beginning 20th October
I only managed to finish 3 paintings this week but having said that I have had about another 8 on the go at the same time so should hopefully have heaps finished next week. Think I'll pick the Bellbird this week as its only the second Bellbird I've done and I just love the colouration of them.

Week Beginning 13th October
2 landscapes, a Saddleback, a fantail and a Pukeko from which I have chosen the Fantail.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week Beginning 6th October
6 paintings done this week including a colaborated artwork of "Pania of the Reef" (Napiers love-forlorn maiden) - my mothers sketch/idea and my painting skills combined. It would have been my pic of the week but i cant seem to take a good photo of it! So have been left with second best - yet another of my Pukeko artworks.

Week Beginning 29th September
4 artworks done this week my choice is this one which I titled "Golden Horizons" which was a different colour pallette to what I'm usually used to.

Week Beginning the 22nd September
2 Tui's, a fantail and another pukeko with babies is what I completed painting this week. Hard to make a choice as nothing really stands out and grabs me but if I have to choice it'll be this one with a Tui, flax and Koru's.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week Beginning 15th September
I completed 6 paintings and a small framed coloured pencil piece this week. The coloured pencil and one of the paintings (a harrier for my dad) were birthday gifts. As I foolishly didnt photograph the artworks I did as gifts then my choice has to be this Saddleback.

Week Beginning 8th September
Out of the 5 paintings I completed this week my pick is another one of my Pukeko artworks.