Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Week Beginning 5th January 2009
Another 5 paintings completed this week... seems to be my trend so far for 2009! My choice this week is another Tui and Pohutukawa combo, this time however it on a Black and white New Zealand horizon backdrop with red borders.

Week Beginning 29th December
It was a great feeling having completed my first painting of 2009 "Tui over the Pohutukawas" completed on the 1st of the 1st 2009. A completed a modest 5 paintings this week but a great start to the new year none the less!

Happy New Years and welcome to 2009!!

Week Beginning 22nd December
As this is my week off I have no new paintings to showcase this week but instead I have something much more exciting... Introducing my new range of Greeting cards! Proffessionally printed by NZ Niche the range includes a selection of my Pukeko Artworks, several of my New Zealand Horizons series, several from my Moonlight Bay series and my Native bird Collection (as pictured) these retail for $5.95 each (NZD), $15 for 3 or $30 for 6 (plus postage - between 50cents and $1) if anyone is interested in purchasing any email me rock.ford@slingshot.co.nz for the full range of images.

Merry Christmas!!

Week Beginning 15th December
With just over a week until Christmas I'm busy filling in the last of the "Christmas rush" and making sure I have a few extra paintings left over to tie my ove while I have a well deserved week off over Christmas. My hard work has paid off as I completed a whooping 10 paintings! Now its time for a break - some uninterupted time with the family where I can hopefully forget about my Business, just relax, turn my brain off and do nothing! A week of eating too much, drinking too much and spending far too much money. To fit in with this theme and get you all in the mood...heres my pick - "Martinis by the Moon".

Happy Holidays to all!!!!!

Week Beginning 8th December
7 Paintings completed and a lot of variation including a Tuatara and Bonecarvings, A couple of Tuis, Pukekos, a Saddleback and a wood pigeon! I have chosen "The Tui & The Gum Tree" - being the first time I've ever tackled painting a gum tree I was very pleased with the results!

Week Beginning 1st December
From the 6 paintings I completed this week I have chosen "Fantail & Toi Tois" I think the colour of the fantail and the Toi Tois work in well with the rest of the colour scheme in this piece.

Week Beginning 24th November
I have chosen "Toi Tois on the Horizon" this week. I added a glaze of ultramarine blue to the sky and sea which has created an interesting change from the usual black and white. I think I'll try this on a couple of other paintings in the future! Another productive week - 7 Paintings completed!

Week Beginning 17th November
I have chosen this artwork which I had sent to the Queenstown Gallery of Fine Art who are now representing me. This painting "Moonlight Bay" is from my Moonlight Bay series and is a variation on the original piece which sparked the series - 3 Elongated Woman in polka dot bikinis playing on the moonlight beach. Fun and quirky yet mysterious and almost surreal, I have been following this series of paintings for about 3 years now.

Another good effort this week with 9 paintings finished this week.

Week Beginning 10th November
The painting I've chosen this week is a Commission of Pania of the Reef. My client commissioned this artwork for his wife for her Birthday as her middle name is Pania! What a lovely and very thoughtful gift. The legendary Pania of the Reef can be seen immortalized in statue in Napier (New Zealand)...Napiers Love-forlorn Maiden. Maori Legend has it that Pania, a mermaid, came ashore and fell in love with a local warrior. But when she swam back to see her people she was dragged down to an underwater reef where they say she may still be seen today, her hair flowing like seaweed from the rock. I completed 8 pieces of art this week which is double what I achieved last week!

Week Beginning 3rd November
My favourite piece of art this week is based on the NZ Cabbage Tree and Bone Carvings , I have also incorporated one of my stylized New Zealand Horizons. I completed only 4 paintings this week. Better 4 than none though!