Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Week Beginning 10th November
The painting I've chosen this week is a Commission of Pania of the Reef. My client commissioned this artwork for his wife for her Birthday as her middle name is Pania! What a lovely and very thoughtful gift. The legendary Pania of the Reef can be seen immortalized in statue in Napier (New Zealand)...Napiers Love-forlorn Maiden. Maori Legend has it that Pania, a mermaid, came ashore and fell in love with a local warrior. But when she swam back to see her people she was dragged down to an underwater reef where they say she may still be seen today, her hair flowing like seaweed from the rock. I completed 8 pieces of art this week which is double what I achieved last week!

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clarkie68 said...

Hi, I love your painting of Pania of the reef. I am looking for something special for my niece who turns 21 in June 2010. Would you consider doing another one?